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Are you ready to supercharge your business with an advisory board?

Advisory Board (noun)

A powerful and collaborative framework, functioning as a problem-solving model and thinking system for organisations to engage with advisors and redefine business performance.  

CEO Andy Rooke and a whiteboard outlinging purpose, vision, strategy
Highrise office overlooking the city view

We're a resource of diverse thinkers who challenge and develop creative solutions to uncover sustainable growth and competitive edge. Our integrated and results-driven approach elevates strategy, finance, technology and operations. With mentoring and grounded decision-making direction, you'll enjoy a more focused, agile work environment to allow time for what really matters to you.

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Helping organisations

Our approach to forming an advisory board begins by understanding your specific needs and requirements. We select experienced individuals with robust and relevant knowledge to identify targets and success factors. As you pursue and deliver these objectives, we’re here to support you, your team, and your projects every step of the way.

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Helping CEOs

We understand it’s lonely at the top. Having walked a mile in those shoes, we have people and resources that help CEOs and business owners thrive.

CEO Andy Rooke working with clients
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Who we are

Our team consists of successful former business owners and retired senior executives with a genuine passion for helping small to medium-sized business owners. Unlike traditional consultants, we don't focus on upselling or pushing for more business to meet our sales targets. Our sole objective is to provide valuable support and guidance based on our extensive experience.


463 years, to be exact

Over forty decades of collective insight

Receive a document with tips and lessons learned from our esteemed board members. This comprehensive document delivers practical business knowledge and guidance and will challenge your thinking around the strategic direction of your business.

CEO Andy Rooke and client working together smiling

I came away with structured tasks that gave me confidence in my business direction. I could also see other options to grow revenue and better understand my margins and costs to improve NOP and cash flows.

Craig Dyke, Managing Director, Coen Composite Wood

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